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Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What is the difference between a rebuilt engine and a re-manufactured engine?
A rebuilt engine means that the engine has been cleaned and any broken or severely worn parts have been replaced. Most engine parts are reused as long as they are within acceptable wear limits.

A re-manufactured engine means that ALL wearing parts are replace with oversized parts and all the worn surfaces are re-machined oversize to achieve the correct clearance. A re-manufactured engine is actually better than a new engine as through the years it has been *stress relieved* and with proper maintenance should out last the original engine.

2 – My car is 10 years old. Is it worthwhile to put a new engine in an old vehicle?
Yes, Definitely! Think about it – for approximately $3,500-$5,000 (depending on the vehicle make and model) you can keep your car for another 10 years depending on how much you drive it.

If you have owned your vehicle for a while you know exactly what maintenance you have had done to it. If the body is good and you like the car, does it not make sense to keep it rather than buy another used car that you don’t know anything about? New cars these days sell for around $20,000 (and up) and they depreciate 10-15% the day you drive it out of the showroom. Just think, you could re-power your existing vehicle for less than the GST of a new car! And recycling helps the environment.

3 – How do I maintain my new engine?
Regular oil changes every 4,000 km are the best investment you can make for the engine. Also allow the engine to warm up before putting it under load. Avoid extra loads such as towing or hauling extra weight for the first 2,000 km. As long as this procedure is followed, your engine will last you a long time.

4 – Do additives help lengthen the life of a new engine?
Additives are not recommended but if you do want to add them, then you must wait until you have more than 20,000 km on the engine.

5 – If the service engine soon or check engine light comes on does that mean I need engine repairs?
When the light goes on, the vehicle�s onboard computer is indicating that one or more of the engine controls are not functioning properly and need attention. We recommend that you bring in the vehicle at your earliest convenience. If ignored it can cause engine damage and almost always causes higher fuel consumption.